This is played like and with all the skills of poker and much, much simplier without the questionable ethics (gambling) involving money.

To play:


  1. Shuffle standard 52 pack and deal 2 cards to the players.

  2. Player on left MUST BID a 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 (10 maximum) points.

  3. The other players chooses a response of either increasing the bid (2, 4, 6, 8, or 10), ‘forget it’, ‘show ’, ‘duel’.

Hand ranks:  
	Straight flush, 	Pair,  	Straight, 	Flush, 	High card.   
Secondary and Tertiary Rank:  
High card.   

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Next Phase:

  1. If a player says ‘forget it’, they are out of the bidding and their hand is over.

  1. If a player says say ‘show’, they want the others in the bidding to show the hand. The bidding goes to the next player.

  2. If a player says ‘duel’, the other player may ‘duel it’, ‘show ’ or ‘forget it’.

  3. If ‘duel it’, ‘show ’ or ‘forget it’.

  4. Exact tie: No points awarded.

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Why Play Duel It:

In five card poker, the odds of a good hand of two pair or three of a kind are slim. All higher hands odds are very slim (less than 1 in 250) above that. With two cards, there are bad hands, low hands, medium hands and high hands. The odds are easier to calculate, which are as follows:

In other words, these numbers can be called the hand's


Better than a high card: 2.48 for 1 (40.27%). 2.48

Better than a flush: 4.91 for 1 (20.36%). 4.91

Better than a straight: 10.52 for 1 (9.50%) 10.52

Better than a pair: 27.63 for 1 (3.62%) 27.63

Royal flush: 331.5 for 1 (0.30%) 331.5

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