Health Care and Education Crisis Solved

With the economic system, there wouldn’t be a health care and education crisis. With this the economic system, health care and education could be declared a tenet of ‘social justice’ for all citizens. All health care workers and education workers are paid goods and services in trade for their time working, the only costs are employment of resources and (the economist’s term) ‘opportunity costs’ i. e. resources can only produce one thing at one time.

With education ‘free’, human wealth could explode. Scholars could receive ‘scholarships’ from the school where the duties of the student is to learn. Companies could also provide sponsorship of students for their education. The student is an employee and their responsibility is to achieve in school. As long as the scholars achieve, they could be entitled to the goods and service of the economy.

The workers working in education and health care and the students not engaged in production of other goods and services, that consumers want or need, are the costs.

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