Immigration and New Workers

Immigration would be a problem - - not enough. Presently, immigrants are accused of squeezing low-wage workers for their low-skilled labors. Pressure on wages wouldn’t be a problem because money is eventually eliminated. Low-skilled, high-skilled, jobs would be abundant. All jobs would ‘pay’ enough for Americans to support their families. Instead of money, workers are entitled to the production of the economy in exchange for their own production. Services are bartered for products.

My economy would be a supply-demand balancing act, mostly with a dearth of supply. If this is wrong, there would be less work required for sustaining the economy and workers could have, for example, a 24 hour work week! Many private employment firms seeking out candidates from High School, College, and Universities to fill the employment needs. People with ‘special needs’ would be quickly identified and worked into the economy, somewhere and somehow. Special needs' are ‘gifted’, 'challenged' and/or ‘drop outs’ or that don’t fit into conventional settings.

Another complaint is that people are looking for work in de-industrialized urban communities where jobs aren’t available. Due to severe imbalances in economic geography, employment firms would have abundant relocation opportunities to solve these problems.

But those who won’t work, will have to rely on dwindling savings of money.

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