Fundamentalist Anonymous Affiliate

Fundamentalist Breakaway, a F. A. Affiliate (Abbreviated FBFAA) of Columbus, OH, is a secular self help organization for people who are having conflicts within idealist organization which can be religious (most commonly), political, spiritual or any philosophical organization. No ideology of other groups is promoted. This organization doesn't recruit members and only helps those seeking help. If someone is a ‘Fundamentalist’ in a 'Fundamentalist' organization and is happy and content, FBFAA will not help. FBFAA doesn't encourage 'de-programming' cult members and provides information for those who want to change.

Old Information:

The Columbus, OH FBFAA presently only provides information and referal. To contact Columbus, OH FBFAA, call 'Firstlink' in Franklin County @ the three digit telephone number ‘211’ and ask about FBFAA unabbreviated name.


Update (2012):

As early as 2010, Firstlink may have delisted FBFAA. As the organizer and founder, from all the exposure (taped and broadcasted interviews on WCMH, etc) including many forms of my personal information over the years (since 1988), I've found no negative consequences that I'm aware. As a former cult member, this confounds the paranoia listed below (#4. Government, other religions, atheist, other powers, not one of 'me', are Satanic, Demonic powers to destroy you).

Contact: 252 0500;

(All welcome to contact me, unless you're Satanic, Demonic powers to destroy me. It'll be a total waste of time, effort and resources to contact me. So, don't bother.)


This website contains some of the information supplied by FA material.


Warning Signs of a Cult:

First, groups are not cultish, only people are. Even non-cultish groups have cultish, over zealous members and cultish groups have members with extremely free-thinking liberality* (*below). These characteristics encourage cultish behaviors of their members.

1.      Authoritarian leaders.

2.      Claim monopoly of the truth.

3.      Legalistic and lots of rules to control themselves and others.

4.      Persecution complex. They claim the other groups are against them.

5.      Isolation. Often members are told all others are bad influences and must be avoided. Members are told that leaving the group will cause bad consequences and the group often makes threats.

6.      Two faced. One face is for outsiders and the other is for members.


Help Process

FBFAA doesn't use the '12 Step' process of other 'Anonymous' organizations. The '12 Step' has too much reference to 'God' and is 'quasi-religious'. For many, 'God' and 'quasi-religious' philosophies are uncomfortable and even may result in hostility.


FBFAA uses the '5 Step', TOAST,

The process outlined in FA literature.


·         Taking responsibility

·         One step at a time

·         Association

·         Self esteem

·         To be brave and act brave


* Personal Observation, not in official FA material.


About 'Fundamentalist Anonymous'

of New York City.

FA (P. O. Box 20324, Greeley Square Station, NY, NY, 10001-9992) has been silent for many years (silent since about 1992). Several letters were unanswered. A call to the Secretary of State of New York (in 2002) indicated that FA still exists as a non-profit organization and hasn't been unincorporated. Richard Yao and Jim Luce, lawyers, founded and established FA. Richard Yao went on to write 'Breaking Free' and 'There is a Way Out' which is the basis for most information herein.


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