I'm Just A Nerd, U Kno

(I'm Just a Gigilo, parody sung by David Lee Roth)

I'm Just A Nerd, U Kno, and everybody knows that I am one.

And now has come the day, my youth has passed away.

So. what will they say about me? Soon my end will come, I know.

I'm Just A Nerd, U Kno; and life goes on, and on without me.

Cuz: I ain't got nobo-ahhhhhdy!

Nobody... cares 4 me. Nobody! Nobody!

I get so sad and lonely. Sad and lonely!

No one gets past it* with me. I ain's so bad.

(*: it = 'super nerd')

Deadmond Fitzgerald

(Edmond Fitzgerald Parody, Gordon Lightfoot.)

And nothing remains, not even faces or names

of wives or sons or daughters.

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