(Your Beautiful, by James Blunt)

(Reworded Weird Al's Parody)


Your life is brilliant,

Your life is brilliant, my life’s a joke.

I’m outta money & gone broke.

Not again will I date, not even with a girl friend to inflate.

That is my fate, to urinate and masturbate.

It’s pitiful, it's true.

I can’t dance. I must forget about romance.

Many misunderstand me as a CREEPY smart ass.

And I think that it’s very mean,

That I’ll can never hold on to a job using a ‘Slurpy’ machine.

And not one more try at life again,

for there's nothing left but the end.

It’s pitiful, it’s true, and I’ll be dead before I’m sixty two (62).

It’s pitiful, it’s true.

The truth is easy to see, it really sucks being me!

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