Economic Blues

(Glenn Frey Parody)

There's trouble in the economy,

We can see it in our homes.

Economists had a premonition that something was going wrong.

It came to the point that people couldn't pay their bills,

Then everything exploded and bank red ink started to spill.

They started writing bad checks,

Written by their hands.

Not at all going just as they planned.

They put in 60 hours and lost jobs of 600 Grand.

I'm sorry it went down like this,

But some had to lose.

That's the nature of economics,

That's the economic blues.

The economic blues.

The bankers, the brokers, the swindlers, and the law,

The payoffs & rip-offs that no regulators saw.

No matter if it's a mortgage, CDO, or cash.

You gotta find all the emails, prospectus, & sales receipts to stash.

There's lots of shady characters & lots of dirty deals.

They even made aliases in case some squeal.

It's the lure of easy money, it's gotta very strong appeal.

Perhaps You'd understand it better, standing in my shoes.

It's billion dollar enticements.

It's the economic blues.

Yuh see it in the headlines, You hear it every day.

The SEC & Fed say they're gonna stop it but it doesn't go away.

They sell it in Miami & process it in L. A.

It's all hidden & it's here to stay.

That's how they do it and don't say 'boo',

It collapses the economy.

That’s the economic blues.

Economic blues.

What are you selling? Were selling Garbage”

( - see original video ending)

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